Outfit of the Month: Back to school with Red

If you were to ask me what kind of outfit I would love to wear daily, it will definitely be T-shirt and shorts, and of course couple with sandals, sneakers, boots, or flats, as long as it's flat.

I do love heels, but obviously I don't love them enough. I'm not willing to walk along with pain just to look good. Of course I do that sometimes, but only if there's important functions. Definitely not daily basis, kill me better, lol.

Looking good is important but my first priority will always be "comfy". No point dressing like a queen but walk like a duck (because of the pain caused by killer heels) right? Unless you can find me an extremely comfortable heels.

I happen to saw a red Dr Marten the other day and I really love it! so when glassesonline approached me to be their style advisor for outfit of the month, I thought why not style it with DM. I am naming this look- Back to School with Red.
Disclaimer: this is my first time putting an outfit together, if I'm not good at it, don't be harsh on me ya~

A white Yin Yang crop tee with a black high waist torn denim shorts. High waist shorts can really make your legs look much longer. I like to top it up with a cardigan. I choose a long version crest & letters varsity Letterman cardigan to give the whole look more layering.

Since we are having a bright red Dr Marten at the bottom, I balance it out with a bright red backpack. Backpack gives a the back to school feel. I love backpacks even more after watching [The Heirs], max love the one from Brera and the one from Nanamica. I wanted to get kareshi the Nanamica backpack, but he refused.

With that, we are almost done, but I wanted to make the whole outfit a little more swag, so put on a cool red lips necklace to swag the way out! So are we done? Not quite. How can a look be complete without an awesome shades?

Among the shades available at glassesonline , I choose the style icon- Persol PO0649 95/32 Suprema to complete the look. I like the uniqueness of the bridge design which is called Victorflex.

Victorflex is a unique flexible bridge, made by inserting two steel strips into the acetate and cutting three vertical slits on the bridge while standing out as an original and iconic design. It was said to be created in the 30's as a derivative of Meflecto. If you love the unique look of the shades, glassesonline is having promotion for it at only RM 545!
So, how do you find this look? Would you it be one of your daily wear? Tell me what you think about this outfit in the comment below!
What do you like or what to improve, learning and practice makes perfect right? Sharing is caring. 

Adios~ untill next time,

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