Aud- Story | A Special Vesak Day

Yeah, we are back for the 3 steps 1 bow at Kong Meng San. It is our 2nd time but still feel excited! If you have not, read my first experience >>here<<. This year's theme is about Gratitude- Gratitude brightens life.

We decided to go at a later time so that we don't have to queue and wait for such long hours (waited for 4 hours last year). Instead, we could grab some sleep before the event.
This year seems to have more of these cute lighting floats.

Buddha under the bodhi tree

Flower mandala 

We reached Kong Meng San around 3am, the queue was much shorter but still we queued for almost an hour 40 mins for our turn.

Surrounding buildings 


Finally our turn to start the sacred activity. Time: 4.45am

Kareshi decided to go on without shoe.

After almost 2 hours.. we finally finished it! Another milestone accomplished!

After showering the Buddha, we went back to level 4 to pay respect to the big Buddha and to get kareshi's shoe. There, an unexpected incident happened that it shocked my world like an earthquake strikes.

Wonder what on earth happened? Stay tune for the next episode on the coming Wednesday. Read it >>here<<.

Last but not least, this is a video I took (post edit) during the 3 steps 1 bow.

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