Aud- Wedding | The Day He Went Down His Knee

After showering the Buddha (read the previous episode >>here<<) , we will always come to level 4 to pay respect to the big Buddha and collect kareshi's shoe. As I mentioned, something big happened on Vesak day. It was something huge that it shocked my world like an earthquake strikes. That my dear, I know my Vesak will never be the same.

That day after paying respect, Kareshi suggested to sit (at the side of the hall) to chill for a while. He then starts all the emotional talk, thank me for completing the 2nd 3 steps 1 bow with him, thank me for always being nice, thank me for blah blah blah... I did not realize anything unusual because that's what we would do, from time to time we do thank each other for being kind, giving and understanding.

When he finished everything, ended the conversation with an "I love you", he hold my hands like wanting to stand up and leave. I though we are leaving to home so I just stood up and prepared to leave.

I then saw him like kneeling down again, I thought he didn't stand properly/ lost balance and tried to hold him up, and then in front of Buddha I saw him down on his knee with a ring on his hand saying:

"Darling, I want to grow old with you, will you marry me?"

I cried.
Tears fall without me realizing.
I stunned.
I forgot to say Yes. Too overwhelmed.
Kareshi then softly says: "Darling, don't cry first, say yes first!"
I laughed cried nodding my head with all my strength saying: [YES!!!]

Oh my Gawt!! I'm engaged?! I'm getting married soon?! For REAL?? OH MY GAWT!! I can't believe that it's FINALLY coming true! lol. I honestly have not foresee this coming at all. It was so sudden that I could neither think straight nor react.

We forgot to take a photo in front of the Buddha where he proposed (I bet both of us were too nervous and overwhelmed) so we decided to head back to Kong Meng San later in the afternoon to take a memorable photo of us in front of the Giant Buddha after we had our sleep. There's event going on in the noon hence the crowd.

This is where he proposed. In front of the giant Buddha. After we finished our 3 steps 1 bow. Yes, he proposed to me when I was smelly, sweating and messy! I never thought that I will be proposed at such unglam situation, but that's even more meaningful (at least to me it is). It's like despite me being messy and smelly, he still wants me, and that he loves me for who I am but not how I look ( I don't look extremely gorgeous la, but not too bad?? lol).

From now on, I am Mrs Tan-to-be. Thank you my love for such meaningful proposal. Thank you for always giving in to me, thank you for always being encouraging, caring and loving, and thank you for everything. You are the best best best darling!

The moment you walked into my life, I knew that you will be the one.
I may not be the best but I will certainly do my best to be your best.
We may not be perfect, but that is why we are prefect for each other.
We are the missing puzzle for each other because we complete each other.
May we grow wiser, better, and of course grow old together, hand in hand.
I love you baby!

Thanks for walking by. Until next time,
The soon-to-be-Wifey, Aud

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