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Aloha! How are you peeps doing? I am pretty busy with all my stuff as usual plus, after having TN as my hobby, I am even busier! If you follow close, you know I got myself a LG PD239 Pocket Photo Printer aka LG PoPo. You can read my unboxing post >>here<<.

I've received quite a few queries on how to use PoPo, so here's a step-by-step guide on how to setup and use your PoPo. Every PoPo comes with minimal battery level, so please do charge them full before using. The battery indicator will turns green when it is fully charge.

First, there are a few buttons you need to know. The on/off (lock/unlock) switch, charging port, and the open button.

To get started, press the open button, the lid will popped up/ opened. You will see the photo paper loading bay.

Get ready the LG zink paper. The paper has 2 sides, one white one light blue. Remember, white face up, blue face down.

Also, every packet of LG zink paper comes with a dark blue smart card, It is to clean and calibrate the printer. Every time you insert a new batch of zink paper, you MUST use it.

Place it below of the zink paper, bar code facing down. If any chance that your image quality appears blurred, run the smart sheet again and please don't throw the card away, keep it. It can help in saving cost, I will elaborate later.

Now that you have your printer prepared. Next is to to get your phone ready. Go to app store, download an app named "Pocket Photo"

Go to setting- bluetooth- connect your phone to printer.

Now, launch the app that you just downloaded. You will see your photo albums.
Choose the photo that you wish to print.

This app offers you quite some customization (Tap on the middle magic wand icon). 

There are filters, lighting, collage and frames for you to play with.

I decided to collage my photo. After choosing the design I want, simply tap the back arrow button on the top left, a message will popup asking if you want to save the changes, click okay.

Besides that, you can even edit note/ short memo and add in QR codes! Just tap and edit the info, cool right?

When you are done editing, select the printer icon to print. Press okay and the photo will be send to the printer to be printed.

As I just added new zink paper, the smart sheet will run through the printer first followed by my photo.

Tadah, here's the first photo from my PoPo. It dries instantly and no worries about smudging it! Perfect! Color wise I would say it's pretty close to actual color, doesn't really runs much but do note that you might need a few runs and practise to get the right tone.

Now, let me tell you the reason for keeping the blue smart sheet. It is fun to have a photo printer but LG Zink paper is not cheap. From what I know there's a cheaper alternative. I've heard that you can actually use Polariod PoGo zink paper (which is cheaper) on LG PoPo but you will need the LG smart sheet to calibrate the printer instead of the PoGo ones. It's sorta like play cheat with your PoPo. That's why the blue card is important if you intend to save cost using PoGo zink paper.

By the way, do you know that there are sticker zink papers? It allows you to stick it straight (peel of the adhesive tape) to your notebook after printing the photo. Great idea isn't? I think I might get some to try it out.

Well, that's all for today. Hope you enjoy the guide. Ending this post with a live video of the printing process. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, this looks fun! :D Wish I could have an instant mini printer like that too.

  2. Yea! it is fun!! Of course can't compare to proper developed photos but this is not bad for an instant printing and it's light weight! ^_^

  3. This is really cool, it is small enough that one could travel with it. I like the mini printer, it looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Indeed! it is so easy to carry around because its is light (221g)!


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