Aud-MTN | How to Repack Masking Tapes to Smaller Sheets

I have to say I fell deep into the world of washi. They are so colorful, cute and yet they can be used on anything! Just google the use of washi tapes and you will be amazed by how useful it is.

I dare not to say that I have a collection but I have a pretty decent amount of them to cater my needs. But, how do I bring them out? They are in rolls which is kinda inconvenient to carry around and they eat up space.

This is how the pros came out with the brilliant idea of repacking them into smaller sheets or rolls. Basically there are two ways to repack the washis, you can either use straw or ice cream stick (in rolls), or use transparency or film (in sheets). I prefer using the second option because it will be slimmer, easier and tidier to keep in my pouch. Despite the method (rolls or sheets) the way to repack them is the same.

Here I will be repacking the MT slim 20 colors. Get ready your preferable straw/ ice cream stick/ transparency or film. There are glossy and matte film, I like the matted ones.

Because I have to divide them into 5 meter each, I decided to measure a 5 cm on the matte film so that 1 round equals to 10 cm and for 5 meters it will be 50 rounds. I used a marker to mark the lines.

Cut the films according to the measured lines. You can use scissor, utility knife or a paper cutter. I used a paper cutter as its faster.

I prefer to round the edge so that it's less pokey and it actually looks nicer. You can either use a round edge cutter (if you have one) or just trim it with scissor like what I did. 

Now we are ready to repack all of them.

I normally started off with 1-2 cm of washi at the edge so that it has a firmer grip. After that, just go rounds and rounds over it.

After 50 rounds, this is how it looks like. Now we are done with the first color, let's continue with the rest of the 19 colors. 

Phew, finally done with all the colors! Look at how to colors are lining next to each other,  it's pretty right? I feel repack them into sheets like this is a lot tidier than in straw/ ice cream stick rolls.

Repacking washi is actually pretty easy! No skills needed. The only problem I encounter will be the matte film. I couldn't find them anywhere, not even popular bookstore. I end up cutting the matte film from my old dairy. So if you know where I can get them do let me know. Thank you!

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  1. OMG!!!!! Totally need this!!! Thanks babe and it's super nice lor!!

  2. Hehe, no problem dear! I am so happy that I have accompany~ hehe

  3. i using ice cream stick. But, anyhow where do get the transparent film ???

  4. I have difficulties to find matte transparent film too! I cut these out from an old diary of mine. Hehe~


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