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So previously I have listed a list of the things a mum-to-be needs for her newborn, what about the mother? What does a mother need during pregnancy? Different mum will need different things, but these are some basic items that most mum-to-be needs.

Maternity Clothes
Honestly, I did not buy a single piece of maternity wear as I was able to fit into my normal clothes until the last trimester. Lucky me, I have a very nice sister in law. She gave me some of her maternity wear so that I can tide over the last 3 months of my pregnancy.

Stretch Mark Cream
I personally feel this is a must. There are various brands out there. I got this Mama & Kids stretch mark cream from Japan. It is the number one ranking in Japan. I love that it is made by natural ingredient (which is why it is best to finish within 6 months) and easy to apply. Oh, and it is not oily at all. Definitely will not leave you with greasy skin.

Beside stretch mark cream, I also got this b-up white cream for my darkening and sagging boobs, in hope to save them from turning into something I couldn't recognized. LOL! Anyway, it is safe for breastfeeding, so don't worry if you breastfeed your little one after applying the cream.

Breast pump
If you plan to breastfeed, you will definitely need this. Initially, I thought I will be direct latching my girl so I will not need a breast pump. But, reality proved me wrong. Few days after direct latching my girl, my nipples were badly injured due to poor latch on. I couldn't feed her direct from the breast anymore unless I want my nipple to be ripped off. So I have to pump and bottle feed her. Lucky me again, my sis in law gave me a breast pump. It turned out to be my life saver! Yea, I am a milking machine now.

Milk storage bag
I prepared these as I know I will be breastfeeding my girl. Not sure how much milk I will have, but I assume these will become handy for milk storage when my milk supply is more stable after a month and especially after I start work.

Nursing Bra
The size of your boobs changes during and after pregnancy. You will probably find your existing bras too small and uncomfortable when the baby bump grows bigger. Nursing bra (especially non-wired) is something you can look into.

I have big breast, I normally wear wired bra so that it gives me the support I need, but when my bump got bigger, wired bra suffocates me so I got myself a few non-wired bra. They are very comfortable, but I feel the support are not as good as wired ones. I guess you can't have everything. Oh, if you plan to breastfeed, do get a few of these non-wired bras as wired ones will cause block duct and really uncomfortable to wear.

Nursing pad
It is useful to absorb leaking milk so that you won't end up with awkward milk stain on the clothes. But, when it gets wet, it can be quite uncomfortable too. So do change them often if you have serious milk leakage.

Diaper Bag
Having a baby means you will need a big and lightweight bag for all the baby essentials you need for an outing. Trust me, you will prefer to be over prepared rather than under prepared. I got myself two Haruhonpo diaper bag aka Haru Bag, one backpack and one shoulder bag. I love them because even after stuffing the bag full, it still feels light on my shoulder!
Haru Backpack Traveler
Haru Deluxe Travel

Maternity pad
Last but not least, maternity pad. After birth, you will have blood discharge so prepare some of these and change frequently to keep it fresh and clean down there. You will not want to get infected.

These are what I have prepared for my pregnancy. As I said different moms will need different things, you may add accordingly to your preference. Hope this post is useful to all mum-to-be. Happy pregnancy!

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