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It's been almost a year (Aug 2014) since I started my journey with MTN (you can read about how I got mine >>here<<). I realized I have not done a blog post about it, but it you follow my Instagram, you might find these familiar.

The reason I share my TN entries here is to share with you people how I use my MTN and hope that maybe one of you might find it inspiring. Although I am far from being an expert, but a TN is like a dairy. Everyone should have their own style. That is what makes a TN special. Anyway, here's a peep inside my MTN, have a good read.

I started off with a blank refill that comes together with the set I bought. Anyhow decorated the cover after I finish the whole refill because I do not have any material to decorate when I first started writing.

My MTN is not really a daily thing. I write whenever I feel like writing. I've shown some of my entries for August in one of the previous post >>here<<, so I will start with September 2014.

On the 18 September, I got married (lawfully) in Singapore at one of the monastery (read it >>here<<). It was a simple yet meaningful. I didn't invite any relatives except a few very close friends of mine.

First time having a couple date with Kareshi's friend. We had my favorite Shyang Prata, watched a nice movie "Boxtrolls" at TGV, chillax at Just want factory and had our dinner at 101 seafood restaurant. I was trying to play with color pencil, but I guess I really suck at drawing, I spent more than 1.5 hours to finish that 2 tiny boxes. 

Got my LG Popo at discounted price. Couldn't decided on which color to take, but my friend wants white so saved my trouble on deciding. Read the Unboxing post >>here<< and how to use >>here<<.

Supposed to pay respect to Daddy before my ROM, but we were busy with the preparation and it slipped our mind.

Fabric tapes from Daiso. Hmm, not really a fan of if because the stickiness doesn't last.

The mega shopping sites are having this #mycybersale, so I decided to join to sell off my 3CE stock.

I was complaining that my laptop is dying on me and how frustrated it is to work with a laggy laptop. One day, kareshi just decided to surprise me with a huge present! A Macbook Pro!! OMG! Thank you, baby! The balloon was drawn by kareshi on mahjong paper which he used it to wrap the present. Very creative and talented, right? So proud of him.

Celebrated MIL's birthday in a super cute and creative way. Kareshi says MIL doesn't like cake, and she loves Ang Ku Kueh, so he decided to buy her Ang Ku Kueh as her birthday cake. Ha! Funny right? But we got her a decent present, a gold heart shaped pendant and necklace.

Did you realize that my MTN entries are getting more and more fanciful? Yea, I finally got the washi tapes from Japan! Read it >>here<<.

Do you know why I love Japan so much? Because the people there are just wonderful! My MTN set was missing an extra orange colored rubber band that should come together with the set I bought. I got my cousin to help me checked with Midori, and guess what? They sent me the missing orange band and a small notebook and some other paper stuff! They even hand wrote an apology letter to state how sorry they are and hope I will enjoy the small little goodies. So touched la.. 

I hate injections because I am scared of pain. I never had any injection alone in my life, I always have my mom with me (go ahead and laugh at me). But, I had no choice to go for this alone and I almost cried inside the doctor's room.

Pain from the injection and preparing for my first pop up market.

Sometimes, when I have nothing special for the day, I will just write some quote.

Random things that happened in a day. I hate flea/ ticks! But my Nini always has them no matter how hard I try to keep her clean.

I love matcha pocky! Limited edition so must keep inside TN.

Finally had the heart to unbox my Kakuno pen I got from Japan. I got it for 790 yen (around RM17 the time I bought). I really love the smoothness when it glides on my MTN! 

Special edition Ezlink card by Takashimaya. I love the design so much! Thanks Shavin!

My baby Chariot bought me some perfume tester. It's been awhile since I last saw her because she is always so busy.
Lunch date with Alicia and Sureen. Time flies, it's been 2 months since I left the company. It is always nice to catch up with the girls.

It's a happy mail day! Received postcard from Chariot all the way from Korea!

Last day of October. A very joyous day because my cute nephew decided to join us on this special day! Welcome to the family Rayner~!

That's all for my September and October. More updates on my MTN the next time!

Walking on with love,


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