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I always wanted a space of my own. The idea grew stronger after having a family of my own and especially after having my daughter.

My house doesn't has to be big but it has to be cozy, comfortable and warming. A place where I would want to return to.

I always love the idea of open concept, it makes the house looks a lot bigger and spacious.

A simple but complete kitchen is a must because I love to cook healthy meals for my loves one. Once in a while, I would have baking sessions during the weekend together with kareshi. It's a great bonding time!

I always prefer double storey houses as the private area is separated from the common space which allows more privacy. 

Having a newborn in the family is not all about joyous moments. The night feeds can be stressful, which is why I prefer to have a cot with me in the master room so that I can attend to my baby immediately. A detachable cot (at the window) is a good choice as when baby out grow it, it can be detached as a couch as shown in the photo. Awesome idea isn't it? 

I love to spend my time on the cot-couch for some reading and also read to my baby Joie. The perfect natural light makes everything perfect.

This is something I always dream to have! A walk in closet.

Everything in a glance, no more missing dress or necklace.

When Joie is old enough she will have her own room. I always feel that kids should have their own room. It gives them privacy and also makes them to be more independent. They get to learn to tidy their own space and have some control over the room.

A guest room is a must in my house. So that family and friends can sleepover to have some fun gathering. In the future if I have more kids, it can be their room too.

An ideal house for a family should have at least three rooms, one for papa and mama, one for children, one for guest/ study. I believe that a comfortable and warming house is a key/ fundamental to a happy family because it is a place where you call home.

Love my little dream house? It's nice right?! As much as I wish the above house is mine, it is actually the show unit of Elysia Park Residence. Now dream is no longer a dream! Maybe I should really get it.

The Elysia Park Residence
PT 199671, Nusajaya, Mukim Pulai, 79200 Johor Darul Takzim

For more information and event, follow The Elysia Park Residence on their Facebook.

The Elysia Park Residence is easy to be found. It is located near to the Sultan's Crown at Mahkota Park.

*A special thanks to An Art Home Studio for the photos. We had a great day.

************************* EVENT *************************

The Elysia Park Residence is having a Back to the 80's @ The Elysia Park Residence this Mid Autumn Festival on 26.9.2015 (which is tomorrow), from 5- 9 pm! Come and re-experience the good old times with a live band playing 80's classics, BBQ, Dough Figurine, DIY Tang Yuan, Tok Tok Candy & Dragon Beard Candy, FREE lanterns and goodies bags! Make sure you don't miss it!

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