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Yeah! It's the second episode of Aud-Cooks. Recently, I'm really into cooking. Hmm, maybe not really cooking cooking but trying/ exploring different recipes especially those easy ones. I've join some foodie groups in facebook recently, and oh my you won't know what I am going through everyday! All the food they posted looks damn good and delicious, making me feels hungry all the time!

I stumbled upon an cheesecake ice-cream recipe from Kenneth the other day and decided to try it during the weekend! 

The ingredients needed are actually very simple. You can get them from normal hypermarkets. The original recipe was actually Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream but I couldn't get strawberries so I replace it with what I have which is Apple.

1. 250 g Cream cheese
2. 200 g Whipping cream
3. 100 g condense milk
4. 200 g apple (fruits of your choice)
5. 100 g chocolate cookies (any cookies of your choice)

I choose to add McVites Digestives Caramels biscuit because I really really love them and I wonder how will it taste. Roughly break the cookies. You may choose to blend the cookies but I want to have the crunch so I just roughly break them up.

Prepare the fruits. Kareshi helped to slice up the apples for later used. Do take note of the amount of the juice the fruit will produce. In my case, I used apples but I overlooked that apple has more juice than strawberries hence my ice-cream batter was sort of watery but luckily it still sets well in the end.

Now you have all the things set, blend the whipping cream until it turns creamy, add in the apples/ strawberries and blend till puree. As you can see from my photo, it wasn't puree but watery (I blended the apples and whipping cream together, and the amount of apple was too much hence it became watery, so don't follow my mistakes).

Next, I blend the melted cream cheese and condense milk until fine.

After that, add the apple whipping liquid cream, mix well. I have to blend it separately because my blender is small.

I transfer the ice cream batter into a freezer safe container and sprinkle the cookies. (You may stir a little to even out the cookies).
Freeze it for at least 3 hours, best overnight before served.

That's it! Apple Cheesecake Ice-cream ready to be served! I don't really have nice photos of the ice cream because I nearly screw it up (I was panicked!!), but luckily it still sets quite well I would say. I will try making strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream the next time, so look forward for nice photos for it.

It's really super easy! Try it yourself at home and share with me your end product! Although some drama happened during the making process, but like I said it's a success after all, most importantly mum and bros love it! They finished half of the container the second day!!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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